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Nadine Machkovech Speaks on TEDx Stage

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

The Secret to Being Enough | Nadine Machkovech | TEDxFonduLac

Being accepted to present on the TEDx stage is something that I've always dreamed of. At least since the first time I saw my idol & shero, Brené Brown, who is a shame researcher and author, present at TEDxHouston. At that time, I was at a place in my recovery journey where I was unsure where to turn next until I watched her video The Power of Vulnerability that changed my life forever. But, it was after watching her video, that I had an epiphany. It was because of her video and many others that encouraged me to not give up, work harder at my #recovery, and continue to speak out. Now, I get the opportunity to spread my idea in hopes to continue making an impact on the lives of many all around the world, just like they did for me.

What it was like getting accepted

“It was because of her TEDx video and many others that encouraged me to not give up, work harder at my recovery, and continue to speak out..”

The day before I stepped on stage!

At first, I thought it was going to be easy.

Over the past 5 years I have stepped on stage nearly 400 times to share my story. But, this was different. Now, it was more real. It was going to be available not just to students anymore but to millions of people around the world. I immediately had so many irrational fears and worries arise because I had no idea what kind of reaction I would receive after the initial launch. Not only was that challenging enough but I started to doubt that I was even good enough to teach other about feeling #goodenough.

Surprisingly everyone has LOVED it!!

“ Thank you for sharing your story, and helping so many find the #courage to exercise their voice as well. My high school years were the WORST. I would've loved to have you as a friend. It's crazy how our most toughest darkest times make our identities. How we decide to tell our stories (as victims or as writers) will definitely change this world. Thank you for your energy! Sending you much love! ♥”

I was BLOWN AWAY after seeing messages like that come through. It was mind boggling to me to see how so many people could relate. I mean, essentially, that's why I shared my story in the first place because I was really hoping that others would be able to create a connection with me which in turn would build compassion. A place where others can understand that they are not alone in whatever struggles that they're facing. Whether it's not feeling good enough, comparing themselves to others, or just going through a hard time; it's in this story where I hope they can find light, love, and excitement for their life again.

If you haven't yet, watch it below!

UPDATE!! My TEDx talk has reached over 200,000 people!! This is a dream come true! 🙌

Not only are these individuals learning that #recoveryispossible but they are also inspired to #makeadifference and believe that they too are enough!!

Thank you for your continued support, love, and beautiful messages and testimonies. 🙏

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